Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2006 , Vol 52 , Num 1

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health Chamber’s Elderly Services

Mustafa Güveli 1
1 İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Sağlık Daire Eski Başkanı, İstanbul

Local governments have to make some alterations in their approaches, service implementations and policies towards elderly in order to diminish problems caused by rapid ageing of the population. They also should develop and execute any kind of social and cultural services regarding the needs of the senior citizens. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality orientiates resources to elderly citizens by means of Darülaceze Nursing Home, Home Care Services and Community Based Rehabilitation Centers. An “Elderly Services Advisory Board” has been founded recently to ensure the participation  and the contribution of elderly people to decision making and planning process. 

Keywords : Municipality, elderly services